CCP-IT of the German Consortium for Translational Cancer Research

The German Consortium for Translational Cancer Research (DKTK) is one of six German Centers for Health Research (DZG) funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The cross-site networking of the consortium is facilitated by IT solutions developed by the Clinical Communication Platform (CCP-IT) in a special working group consisting of at least one member of each site.

Thanks to a federated network architecture, even data entered in tumor documentations and biobanks prior to DKTK's foundation can be contributed to the consortium, while complying with data protection and data sovereignty. This approach supports feasibility assessments and study recruitment not just during or after a request placed within DKTK, but even before.


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The authors have decided to make the DKTK IT platform's technical and data protection concepts publicly available. You can download the documents below.

CCP-IT Technical Concept

This document was developed by all participating sites and describes the platform's technical functionality.

CCP-IT Data Protection Concept

The CCP-IT data protection concept was consented by all consortium sites in January 2014 and received a positive vote by the working group on data protection of TMF e.V. (umbrella organization for networked medical research in Germany).

Like most data protection policies, it is being updated occasionally. Not every update justifies a new round of negotiations with the TMF working group on data protection or data protection specialists in the hospitals. For maximum transparency and traceability, the CCP-IT working group therefore decided in November 2014 to also publish all previous versions of the document along with any comments received.

Current Version

Previous Versions

Votes and Comments

Contact Persons

You are welcome to contact the site representatives with any questions or comments on CCP-IT:

Site For organizational questions For technical questions
Berlin Dr. Esmeralda Heiden Dietmar Keune
Dresden Hagen Schulz Hagen Schulz
Essen Dr. Stefan Palm Frank Ressing
Frankfurt Daniel Brucker Daniel Brucker
Freiburg PD Dr. Martin Boeker Siegbert Schmid
Heidelberg Jürgen Eils Mathias Wieland
Mainz Dr. Achim Reckmann Matthias Kabala
München (LMU) Dr. Corinna Eichelser Bernd Ahlborn
München (TUM) Dr. Corinna Eichelser Bernd Ahlborn
Tübingen Öznur Öner Öznur Öner

Responsible for the contents of this website (and your contact for any general questions on CCP-IT):

Dr. Martin Lablans
Head of the CCP-IT working group
German Cancer Research Center
Dept. of Medical Informatics for Translational Oncology
E-Mail: ed.zfkd.ktkd.ti-pcc@ofni